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How does Aeternitas relate to Blade of the Iron Throne?

The place to discuss the mechanics of the Aeternitas RPG.

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Postby Aeternitas » Thu Aug 22, 2013 4:21 pm

Jake Norwood created The Riddle of Steel RPG (TRoS) back in 2002. It's unique blend of simulationist combat and narrativist player-driven story made it an instant classic.

In 2010 work commenced in earnest on a successor to TRoS. At the beginning of 2013 a beta version of Blade of the Iron Throne (Blade) was released. It too had a manoeuvre-driven combat system and player-driven story. Designed for play in a classic Sword & Sorcery (S&S) environment Blade remains a worthy successor to TRoS.

When Blade was created it was designed from the ground up to work with games set in the S&S literary genre. A fantastic genre, woefully under-represented in RPGs. However, it is not to every gaming group's taste. So it was always envisaged that there would be other games, based on the Blade core mechanics, that would be designed to be played in other settings.

The Aeternitas RPG is the first of these.

Where Blade is designed for those who love S&S literature, Aeternitas is a blend of historical gaming with supernatural themes. Aeternitas' key differences to Blade include:

    The game aims for a degree of historical authenticity. It is set in the French city of Lyon in the year 1350. The city has been researched in great detail, allowing the game to avoid the pitfalls of being yet another version of medieval England.

    The game has strong supernatural themes. So overlying the historicity of the environment is a supernatural layer that subtly pervades many things.

    The game has a tactical combat environment rather than an abstract combat environment. Think miniatures with complete 360 degree movement in a truly 3D environment.

More details available shortly. Feel free to ask questions!

- The Aeternitas RPG team
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